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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is shipping ?

Shipping ranges $5- $15 depending on shipping location.

Can I bleach my knots on my frontals/closures?

Yes, you can bleach your knots. 

What are our payment methods?

Cash, Cashapp, Zelle, and paypal are accepted.

How long does it take for custom orders to be ready for pickup or delivery ?

If you order any body, deep, or straight hair ranging from the sizes (10"-30”) hair is available as the same day as purchase dm/ email me for your order to confirm, if you are looking to place a custom order, Depending on the stock, the amount of hair ordered, if you are looking to do color or different lengths , it usually takes up to 3- 10 business days for hair to be ready for pick up/ delivery, times just vary please contact us directly for questions to be answered about your exact order, 

Any other products beside custom orders can be ready for pick up/delivery.

What do we sell ?

Nichole’s Hair Care is top quality beautiful 100% human raw hair, that can be bleached, dyed, straightened / curled and treated as your own lushes beautiful inches

 available in over ten different textures & ranging from the lengths 10”-40”, certain textures & lengths have to be requested. We also carry HD lace frontals and closures. Nichole’s Hair Care HD lace is top quality lace that is low maintenance, gives a invisible nature look that we love to make happen for our customers, the hd lace is able to blend perfect with any skin tone , I have frontals and closures  in multiple textures available ranging in the lengths  (10”-30”)  and sizes  (13x4) and (5*5)  to match bundles 

Nichole’s Hair Care & Kush Looks also carries transparent lace. Please understand that transparent lace is also a great quality lace  and is  just  as great as our HD  lace   really  only t he difference between HD & transparent lace is the thickness & color sometimes but the quality of the lace is still the same and as long as the lace is bleached and properly installed  and taken care of, you will be satisfied with the nature look that both lace can give you

Any clothing, lashes, hot tools or any other product that doesn’t have to be custom orders will be available the same day as the order was placed, if otherwise you will receive  an text or email about your order  !

*****Please talk to me directly for custom orders 

We carry apparel from Kush Looks Clothing Collection Line, Hair Accessories, & many more products! Check out our page @NicholesHairCareAndKushLooks)

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